What to Consider When Choosing a College Marketing Agency

Marketing is a time-consuming task that usually gets ignored by colleges, especially during busy months of the school calendar. This is how marketing agencies can be of great help – they will handle of marketing while you keep your focus where it’s most needed.

But certainly, not all marketing companies are made the same, which means you have to consider a few basics before making a choice.

Your Goals

Don’t hire a marketing agency unless you have clearly defined your goals. For example, if you don’t think your social media efforts aren’t paying off, you should look for a company that specializes in social development. You don’t want to put your time, energy and money to waste on a company who lacks the exact expertise you need.


Entering into a marketing partnership without first knowing your costs can have disastrous consequences. Instead, come up with a logical and detailed budget and have your potential marketing agency take a look. Observe their reaction. If they’re happy to discuss financials and making things work around your limitations, then that’s a good sign of a company that is truly interested to help and not just to make money.


Marketing is a very complicated, especially in the digital sphere. Of course, you can study it yourself, but do you actually have the time, let alone the interest? With a marketing agency, you’re trusting people who know their stuff, which is critical to your campaigns’ success. After all, all in a day’s work for them. They can spend all of their working time looking for new strategies, examining reports, etc.


Operating a school is no piece of cake either so be sure the agency you hire also knows your own difficulties and have the wares to roll with you. Obviously, there are tons of questions you need to ask before hiring them, but they should want to know more about you as well. The more they know and understand what you do, the more effective they can be in their roles.

Values and Business Philosophy

Lastly, everybody knows that working with people who are from another place can be insanely exhausting. Remember this before deciding on a certain marketing company for your college. They should have experience with marketing other colleges so you can achieve harmony once you begin working together. They should be well-networked too with businesses that you may benefit from. Most importantly, do you have good rapport with them? These are all important in ensuring a successful business relationship, which in turn dictates the outcomes that you can expect.


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